Sasquatch Burning

Debbie Pompano’s class “Adventures in Pictorial Wood Burning” was a magical adventure into the depths of my super crafty folk art soul. I never wood burned before I came to the folk school. (At this point, the statement “I never did (fill in the blank) before” could be considered my folk school mantra!)

Debbie and Her Wood Burning Creations

I remember Candice had a wood burner in college and that a teacher said it was a “hobo art.” I think she was saying it in a put-down way, like it wasn’t fine art, just folk art. That made me more attracted to it, and it has always been in the back of my brain.

Flash-forward to Frank Boyd’s spoon carving class. Frank had a wood burner out so we could decorate our projects. I LOVED it and spent more time at the burner than anyone else, so when Debbie’s class came up, I knew it was for me. The official name for the art of wood burning is “Pyrography,” such a rad name!

Our Class Table at Show and Tell

Our first project was this crazy quilt sampler which taught us many different techniques on the burner tips. Next, we could make whatever we wanted. Many of the folks in the class were wood turners who wanted to learned how to accent their turned pieces. Some of the subjects were flowers, frogs, chipmunks, spirit faces, mushrooms, butterflies, pets, etc. I decided to focus on one piece with many elements. The piece is inspired by Beth’s (one of the work studies) t-shirt: a Mt. St. Helen’s shirt with a sasquatch.

Here is my finished creation. The color is done with watercolor. It is a gift for Corina Rose my bestie in the north westie…

Me, Petunias, and the Sasquatch

Final Burn


  1. I love these photos. You are fabulous….

  2. Oh, Cory… I miss you so! Being sick and restless has allowed me to catch up on all your adventures, and it’s making me crazy jealous! What I wouldn’t give to shirk off these duties and take up with you and yours at the folk school. Guess I’ll just have to keep living vicariously for awhile… Love you! Keep up the good posts!

  3. Yes, I did have wood burner that did get dissed by some of the arts faculty. I wonder if they regretted that when I moved on to rooms full of cyclonic baby powder. I love it, you are so good at wood burning!

    I sent you a package, I hope it gets there in one piece!

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